Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Package from Noppin! plus a couple of others.

So I got another package from Noppin yesterday. I thought had got a bunch of tiny things, like from the photo Giratina looked pretty small...well I guess I somehow lucked out and got one of the amazing giant Giratina figures. I was really confused when the box that arrived was giant. I still cannot believe I managed to get my hands on one of those.

Anyways lets move on, the only Mew thing I got in this package was the Pokemon Time Tin. The can badge, the tiny figure, and the Roller stamp came in a different one. I got two Arcanine figures, the original TOMY figure and a Pokemon Kid. The Arcanine can badge came in the same package as the Mew, Gloom (I got for my best friend), and the Wartortle.

I got the Whimsicott MPC plush, she is super soft and adorable. I finally got my hands on the Cyndaquil Walky plush. I cannot get over how cute he is, he might be my favorite Cyndaquil of all. I am sucker for Walky Pokemon stuff. I also managed to nab a Cyndaquil Pokemon Time charm and the Cyndaquil line dex charms.

Lots of Lapras items this time around too. I got two Pokemon Kids, the one that looks like its vomiting water is the newest one. I also got the Lapras dex charm. I am slowly getting all of the dex charms for the Pokemon I collect. Now to just get doubles of the ones who are on my team to make into a bracelet or necklace.

And I am getting off track. I got the Sentret Pokemon Friends Plush, I have been after this one for years. So I am pretty happy to finally have one. I really do love the Friends Plush line, I have quite a few of them from when I was a kid. The Pokemon Pan stickers actually came in a separate envelope in the mail today. I need to get more of them at some point.

Expect another huge update soon, as I have a bunch of stuff coming from Gin/SunyShore from the Pokemon Centers "let's do every promo ever" day on the 27th.

New Gets from April 18th!

This is from 10 days ago. Apparently I forgot to post about them, so its a bit late.

Anyways a couple of packages arrived. I got a Litwick charm, that is super adorable. Ever since I got a Litwick in the new PMD game I have been enamored with it, so I think I am gonna start a Litwick side collection.

The 2nd package was the two Giratina Kid figures. And then in the 3rd I got the Full Color Collection Figures of Mew, Lapras, and Wartortle, as well as Metal Figures of Arcanine and Cyndaquil.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pokemon Trainer and Team Plush Project

I had an idea for an amazing set of plush about a month or so ago. The idea being get a plush set done of my trainer character Kana and her Pokemon team all made to scale with each other. I asked LyndsayGoRawr if she would be able to make them for me and she said yes! She is the same girl who made my giant Arcanine.

All of the plush will be jointed (well the ones that can be anyways). Some will also have accessories. I am so looking forward to doing photo stories featuring Kana and her team.

All of the Pokemon that will be made:
Fang the Arcanine
Truffle the Swinub
Cinnamon the Sentret
Creampuff the Whimsicott
Asiago the Jolteon
Kai the Cyndaquil
Kalliope the Lapras
Mochi the Wartortle
Tamago the Togekiss
Jello the Shellos
Koi the Magikarp

So far Kana and Truffle are finished. More photos below the break.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rotom Promo

Apparently the Pokemon Center is coming out with some Rotom merch at the end of this month. I used to have a small Rotom collection that I shared with rpb3000, but we no longer live together. So I think I am gonna get some of the items from this promo. I am thinking I might get the sets below from the promo. There are also a few other items coming out at the end of this month that I want as well. I think the Pokemon Center is trying to kill me with all of the new merch.

Plush Set 

Rubber Charm Set
Badge Can Set

Figure Set

Monday, April 1, 2013

Jolteon Canvas Plush Get!

My Jolteon canvas plush arrived today from Eevee Mart! As of now I own all released Jolteon plush. I can't wait to add the others that are coming out this year to my collection.

I also got an Arcanine magnet, two Giratina can badges, and a Gloom stamper from Eevee Mart. The Gloom is for my best friend.