All of the art on this page are works I have commissioned of my trainer character Kana and her Pokemon.

Kana, Fang, Cinnamon, and Truffle. - Art by PonyMonster on DA.

Kana, Fang, Creampuff, and Truffle. - Art by Ayuboo on DA.

Kana, Fang and Truffle. - Art by Geegeet on DA.

Creampuff, Truffle, Kana, and Fang. - Art by Wasil on DA.
Fang, Truffle, Kana, and Creampuff. - Art by Ninja-Jamal on DA.

Creampuff, Truffle, Fang, and Cinnamon. - Art by Boxdrink on DA.
The Pokemon I collect, plus my trainer Kana. - Art by Ninja-Jamal on DA.
Fang and Kana. - Art by PurpleKecleon on DA.

Tamago, Robyn, Toast, Kana, Truffle, Fang, and Creampuff.
Art by: OnlyaHalfBreed on DA.
Kana, Phineas, and Wax
Art by: alphenart on tumblr
Sketch of Kana and Fang
Art by: WillDrawForFood1